NCC has developed a unique program to bring true value to its clients and carrier partners.  Partnering with leading experts in risk management and site safety to help improve the client’s business operations while being mindful of the industry needs and standards. Therefore, creating a safe and profitable environment by developing and implementing strategic measures to reduce losses and injuries, that will provide long-term value to all those involved from the ground up.  This program is available for both Corporate Programs and Project Specific Programs.

NCC Harness Products Include:


Key Services

  • Contractual Risk Transfer Review and Tracking
  • Experience Modification Review
  • Site Surveys
  • Comprehensive Health and Safety Program
    – COVID 19 Training
  • Employee Specific Training Programs
  • Comprehensive Loss History Assessment

Process & Implementation

  • Complete Risk Assessment Worksheet
  • Submit Required Documents
  • Conduct Review
  • Assessment Review Report
  • Propose Corrective Measure & Services to Client

Contact Information:

Ryan Darragh

P: 631-319-6353 x 305
C: 631-901-8086
E: rdarragh@nationalcoverage.net


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