About NCC

National Coverage Corporation (NCC) is an independent brokerage facility that was created to enhance market access and placement to a wide range of insurance brokers during a time of accelerated consolidation in our regional marketplace. NCC looks to consolidate the resources of its partners to perpetuate the growth of the independent insurance model. We understand the pressures many of our member retailers are under to meet company goals, as well as the pressure our carrier partners face in trying to reduce distribution expenses – we are here to serve as a solution to both.

Our Vision

We understand first hand emerging market trends and the evolution of the wholesale and retail marketplace. In most recent months the consolidation in the wholesale and retail market is giving more market share to national brokers and private equity firms. This not only threatens the ability to continue to independent model, it also threatens the ability for the smaller retail brokers to get the levels of service their clients demand. Our expertise, experience and commitment is key in the way NCC handles its broker relationships. In the end, National Coverage’s vision is to provide agencies of all sizes a larger reach that competes with the increased competition from national brokers and private equity firms.